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How AuRACLE Gold Testers Works

Accurate Results. Everytime.

Whether you are a recreational gold buyer, jeweler, or bulk buyer of precious metals, testing the quality of your gold is paramount in ensuring you don't overpay for your merchandise and do not fall victim to counterfeit goods. The simple task of testing the quality of gold used to be a strenuous process comprised of messy acids and tarnished jewelry, but with the onset of electronic gold testing and quality devices such as the AuRACLE Gold Tester, determining karat value is easier than ever before. The unriviled simple user interface makes the AuRACLE AGT-3 testing process simple and straightforward, ensuring that you don't lose any time while testing and closing a sale.

Auracle AGT-3 Testing The Gold Quality of a Ring

The Gold Testing Standard

As the patent holder on conductivity based gold testing, AuRACLE has the experience, technical proficiency, and industry know-how to bring you the most effective, accurate, and reliable gold tester on the market. Don't waste your time or money with second rate products, start using AuRACLE today.

No Dangerous Acids

The days of messy acid testing are a thing of the past. The simple three step electronic gold testing process is the new way to test the quality of your gold or platinum that is sure to keep your business thriving: calibrate, test, and buy. Avoid the mess and buy an AuRACLE Gold Tester.

Know What You Are Buying

As a business person, transparency is critical and ensuring that you get what you pay for can mean the difference between a profit or a loss. AuRACLE Gold Testers can make sure you pay the proper price for your purchase and also that you are buying a legitimate precious metal and not a counterfeit.

How AuRACLE Gold tester work

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User Interface Testing Plate Pen Probe
  • The AuRACLE has allowed me to detect fake jewelry without having to do any damage... Jane Chaikowsky
  • My business was an original client of the inventor and we have used the AuRACLE for over two decades... Sarah Schaffer
  • This product has performed flawlessly for me for over 10 years and my assay results are some of the highest in the industry. If you buy gold you need this tester! Andrew Muller
  • It is the most accurate gold testing equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using. Actually it is the only time testing gold has been a pleasure... Gary R. Smith, Senior Appraiser/Lead Auctioneer at Carolina Auction and Appraisal