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Recreational Gold Buyers

Whether It Is Gold Coins, Bullion, or Jewelry, Test The Quality With Confidence

Get What You Pay For When You Use AuRACLE

Hard working individuals and businesses have been scammed for too long good by false claims or counterfeit metals. With AuRACLE Testers, we hope to bring back the peace of mind that comes with good business. Accuracy, reliability, and a simple user experience is our main goal. When you purchase an AuRACLE Gold Tester from an authorized reseller you are not only purchasing a quality product, but you're also purchasing our commitment to excellence and customer support.

Easy To Use

Our goal when developing AuRACLE Gold Testers was to deliver the most user friendly and dependable experience possible.

Accurate Results

AuRACLE Gold Testers are the most accurate electronic gold testers in the world and are powered by our patented technology.

Avoid Counterfeits

As a recreational gold buyer, the fear of buying counterfeit coins or gold is always present, but can be easily avoided with an AuRACLE Gold Tester.

  • The AuRACLE has allowed me to detect fake jewelry without having to do any damage... Jane Chaikowsky
  • My business was an original client of the inventor and we have used the AuRACLE for over two decades... Sarah Schaffer
  • This product has performed flawlessly for me for over 10 years and my assay results are some of the highest in the industry. If you buy gold you need this tester! Andrew Muller
  • It is the most accurate gold testing equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using. Actually it is the only time testing gold has been a pleasure... Gary R. Smith, Senior Appraiser/Lead Auctioneer at Carolina Auction and Appraisal