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Use The Most Trusted Electronic Gold Testing Device in the World

As a business owner and professional jeweler you know the value of accurate gold testing. With an AuRACLE Gold Tester you can rely on accurate results that take only a few seconds of testing. The saline patented Pen Probe used on all AuRACLE devices also ensures a harmless mess-free test that will save you time, money, and headaches. AuRACLE offers three devices: AGT-1 Plus, AGT-2, and AGT-3, all of which are easy to use and accurate.

Jeweler Testing Gold

The AuRACLE AGT-1 Plus

For the no frills type. The AuRACLE AGT-1 was the first AuRACLE model and has been used by thousands of jewelers around the world. With a simple calibrate and test platform, the AGT-1 is extremely easy to use and is highly durable.


For the tech savvy jeweler. The AuRACLE AGT-2 is the first and only mobile gold testing app and is available on iOS, Android, or Windows (tablets and smartphones). If you are looking for a simple, elegant, and fun way to test gold, look no further.


For the perfectionist. The AuRACLE AGT-3 is the most precise digital gold tester on the market and allows for testing to one tenth of a karat. The AGT-3's sleek design has received praise from industry publications and notoriety from all who have used it.

  • The AuRACLE has allowed me to detect fake jewelry without having to do any damage... Jane Chaikowsky
  • My business was an original client of the inventor and we have used the AuRACLE for over two decades... Sarah Schaffer
  • This product has performed flawlessly for me for over 10 years and my assay results are some of the highest in the industry. If you buy gold you need this tester! Andrew Muller
  • It is the most accurate gold testing equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using. Actually it is the only time testing gold has been a pleasure... Gary R. Smith, Senior Appraiser/Lead Auctioneer at Carolina Auction and Appraisal