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The Modern Jeweler

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The Jewelry Industry

Jewelry has been around for millenniums but has yet to fall out of significance or popularity amongst the precious metals. As technology and ecomomies improve around the world, the jewelry industry continues to transform, finding new creative avenues in design, function, and tradition.

  • THe online Store

    E-commerce is now commonplace. No longer does a local jeweler have to rely on their local market, they can now list their items on Amazon and EBay. The use and acceptance of online stores has not only increased market access, but also product lines due to being able to meet the different demands of the expanded marketplace.

  • New Technologies

    The prevalence of new technologies are creating new opportunities for jewelers. The trend in plating new products such as smartphones, tablets, and other electronics has become commonplace outside of the upper class, giving jewelers a new pool of customers to attend to.

  • Old cultures
    New traditions

    Within the US, there has been an increase in buying jewelry for no special occasion. In other parts of the world, cultures are breaking away from just consuming jewelry during religious or special occasions. 75% of women in India are constantly looking for new designs to infuse jewelry into their daily lives.

  • Trends In Design

    As new societies experience an increase in wealth, such as China, innovative creations are being formed from a new set of designers and pioneers. Since China consumes a large share of the jewelry market, places such as the World Gold Council and their K-Gold website have made significant efforts to help meet their tastes in design.

  • Time Is Money

    Testing gold the old-fashioned way with acid testing is not only messy and dangerous, but it is also a time consuming process. The AuRACLE Gold Tester's quick and accurate readings saves you the time to make more money.

  • Transparency

    Since the passing of the Dodd-Frank Act, there have been various resources for jewelers to help exercise their due-dilligence over their supply chain. JVC has developed a do-it yourself Supply Chain Assurance kit and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition created a Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative.

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