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Testing a Gold Ring Using The Auracle AGT-2


  • Safe and Effective Saline Solution. NO ACID.
  • Always recap the pen probe when not in use
  • Always file metal before testing with the pen probe
  • Always hold the pen probe at 90 degrees when testing
  • Always test with the very tip of the pen probe, not at an angle
  • Make sure the metal being tested is dry and clean
  • Optimim performance will occur at room temperature
  • Durable and effective up to 5,000 tests

The patented AuRACLE Pen Probe is the essential hardware necessary to retrieve amazingly accurate test results when testing gold or platinum. The AuRACLE Pen Probe makes it possible to safely test gold or platinum with ease. Rather than using dangerous acid to test the purity of gold, the AuRACLE pen probe relies on a safe and gentle conductivity test to accurately identify the karat value of the gold being tested.