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Auracle AGT-3 Gold Tester Calibrate Screen
  • Tests all colors of gold from 10K to 24K and Platinum
  • One-touch, simple calibration
  • World's best performing gold testing technology with unmatched accuracy
  • Follow easy steps to identify non-gold, gold plate and gold filled as NOT GOLD
  • Simply touch pen prove to gold or platinum for results
  • Includes built-in testing plate, pen probe, file, and carrying case (mobile device not included)
  • Easy to follow tutorial instructions
  • Auto-touch pen probe provides thousands of tests with proper care
  • No messy gel. No staining chemicals. No dangerous acid.
  • One Year Limited Warranty

The Auracle family of Gold Testers are now even more advanced with AGT Blue! The revolutionary and best performing Auracle gold testers have evolved to a new generation with this Bluetooth Mobile version making it easier and more convenient than ever before!

Compact and pocket size, with no wires required, the AGT Blue works with any low-energy Bluetooth Apple and Android device (phone, tablet). With its distinct technology, the AGT Blue will calculate your unique buying price while also generating a detailed email receipt for both your business and to your customer almost instantly. AGT Blue will test all colors of gold (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K) as well as platinum.