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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate the AuRACLE testers?

  • Turn on the device.
  • Charge the pen probe and calibrate it with filed 14k yellow gold (AGT1 PLUS), 14k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k or platinum (AGT2), 14k or 18k yellow gold (AGT3).
  • First file the jewelry. Touch the pen probe to the filed area on the article being tested.
  • Instantly read the results on the tester's display.

How soon can I test the next item?

You can begin the next test immediately

Is there any preparation required between tests?

No. No preparation or clean up is necessary between tests.

Will my hands be stained by the solution in the AuRACLE testers pen probe?

No. The simple proprietary saline solution in the AuRACLE's pen probe is contained within a replaceable unit. The pen probe uses no acids or staining chemicals that will discolor your hands if touched.

What kind of gold will the Auracle AGT1 test accurately?

The Auracle AGT1 tests the karat value from 6K to 24K of yellow, white, green and red gold.

Will the Auracle AGT test Platinum?


How long does the solution last before the entire pen probe needs to be replaced?

With proper care the AuRACLE's pen probe can perform up to 5000 tests before it will need to be replaced.

Has the Auracle been thoroughly tested by professionals?

Yes. Please take a look at our testimonials to see what professionals have said about our product.

Does the AuRACLE's pen probe use acids or gels to test gold karat values or platinum?

The AuRACLE's pen probe does not use dangerous acid or messy gels that need to be refrigerated. It uses a specially developed proprietary saline solution to facilitate the testers gold karat value or platinum testing.

  • The AuRACLE has allowed me to detect fake jewelry without having to do any damage... Jane Chaikowsky
  • My business was an original client of the inventor and we have used the AuRACLE for over two decades... Sarah Schaffer
  • This product has performed flawlessly for me for over 10 years and my assay results are some of the highest in the industry. If you buy gold you need this tester! Andrew Muller
  • It is the most accurate gold testing equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using. Actually it is the only time testing gold has been a pleasure... Gary R. Smith, Senior Appraiser/Lead Auctioneer at Carolina Auction and Appraisal